4 Things You Should (Or Shouldn’t) Do If You Have a Crime Scene on Your Property

Unexpected things do happen, and being in these situations is inevitable. All of a sudden, you will find yourself entangled with an accident, with an injured person, or in a crime – and what makes this worse is when these happen in your residential property or business, and you do not know what to do. The police, the coroner, and EMT now show up, remove the person injured, and now all you are left with are blood, fluids, and/or sometimes some flesh and body parts – depending on the situation. Of course, cleaning the mess after all these people gather their evidence requires more than just you, some water, and some cleaning solutions. You will be needing professional help that specializes in this kind of operation like the BioHazMat Cleaners.

But before the cleaning process, what are the things you need or need not do immediately after the crime? In this article, we will share with you five important things that will save you from holding liable for some errors.

1. Do not touch anything, or let anyone touch anything

Fluids that come from the human body such as urine, blood, and other bodily fluids can carry some pathogens and diseases, as well as bacteria and viruses like HIV, Hepatitis, and others. If you come into contact with these bacteria, viruses, and pathogens, you will be infected especially when you have wounded parts. Do not clean it yourself even if it is your property.

2. Call a Crime Scene Cleanup Company not a regular cleaning company

A regular maid or a nor a regular company is just for deep cleaning of dust, stains, air pathogens, molds, etc., but when a crime has happened, you need a cleaning company that specializes on these kinds of occurrences. This is because these professional companies have more than cleaning equipment; they have the proper gear, tools, and follow a specific protocol for these kinds of situation.

3. Prepare the information that your prospective cleaning company would require

Crime cleaning companies are fast to respond. However, have some time to gather the basic information like where the incident took place, rough measurements what happened, who was involved, contents affected (furniture, carpet, hardwood, etc.). This will expedite the whole process ad will make the company more prepared and more efficient with their service.

4. Call victim services if the incident is related to crime and you don’t have insurance

If the situation is a crime and you do not own homeowner insurance or the insurance company denied your claim. Do not worry, as the federal government has provided every state the Crime Victim Funds to help the families that could experience traumatic experiences. The fund will pay and cover most, if not all, expenses needed in cleaning and restoring the house after the crime.

Although we hope that we do not encounter this in the future, it is still practical to be prepared and knowledge of what you can do when unexpected things do happen.

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Items that are Important and Should be Packed in your Wedding Limo

It is very important that you should be relaxed when having a limousine ride to your wedding. This is a luxurious way for you and your bridal party and you must go prepared. Ensure that you will have a hassle-free and stress-free experience on your wedding day and don’t forget these things that you should pack after you have looked for limo service near me.

Makeup bag

For a bride, maintaining the looks is very important this is why it is important to have a handy kit of makeup for retouching together with a mirror, extra hair pins, eye drops, hand lotion and chopstick.

Extra clothes including flat shoes

Every bride looks stunning in their gown but it is not usually a functional outfit so you should pack a set of your clothes, you might not know where your wedding party will take you that is why you will need to be prepared and have extra comfortable clothing. It is never a bad idea to have flat shoes with you, this could help you relax. Walking on gravel or maybe a soft grass could be as hassle if you are wearing a high heel.


A headache could ruin your moment and this is common in occasion like wedding because even if you are already tired, you still must go on and, in this case, you will need a medicine. Other minor uncomfortable feelings could come up also and you should need to be prepared. Even if you don’t, it might be somebody on your guest might need it.


If you are going to have a phone-free day, camera will be needed to capture those beautiful moments on your special day. Capture all the fun time you have your luxurious limousine ride on the way to the event of the wedding. Those actions behind the scene must also be recorded too.


This event could be an emotional for your loved ones and especially you. Having a box of tissue at your side will be a great idea for it is not only meant for tears of joy falling but also keeping your makeup in check and it is also great for passing around so maybe you might two boxes.


Anticipation and nervousness could make your mouth dry so you will need it for hydration. So, you need to pack some bottles of water, some limo rental service offers a free drink for you to have a refreshing ice-cold drink inside the limo so you might like to inquire about this beforehand.


Top off your wedding ceremony with a toast, not a toast at the reception but an intimate small toast in your limousine with your spouse. It could also be a toast that will create a moment to be remembered with your closest friends or loved ones. So, packing a bottle of champagne is a great thing to do and don’t forget to bring enough glasses.

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How to Clean Your Roof During Spring 

Cleaning the roof could be a hassle, but necessary especially after every season. Once the wintry weather season is over, the snow will begin to melt on your roof. It’s then high time for you to start the cleanup during spring season. The wintry weather season is one of the top enemy of your roof. Doing the inspection and cleanup is vital in particular that your roof had to endure thick layer of snow and storms for the past season. If you don’t have the skills of doing the cleanup by yourself, hire the professionals of roof repair Philadelphia. However, if you want to do it, follow these.

Kill the Mold 

We all know that winter involves snow, so it’s expected that moisture is always there. This will lead to the possibility of moisture penetrating the flashing and shingles. Look for discolored streaks on the roof if there is any. If you can find one, it’s a sign that mold and fungus is present. You can kill the fungus and mold with the available cleaning solutions. Just ask a manufacturer about a high-quality solution for the type of roofing material you have. If the roofing material you have is shingles, then avoid power washing it.

Clean the Moss 

As we said earlier, the growth of moss is additionally possible due to the fact of the moisture present during the winter season. You can clear this up by means of disposing the leaves and slicing back bushes so you the sunlight can get through and dry the moisture. You can also buy cleaning solutions to fight off moss, however the chemical substances can the damage the plants below the roof. You can also stop the moss from growing by nailing zinc and copper strips to the ridgeline.

Check for Missing Shingles and Flashing 

Don’t forget to inspect any missing shingle and damaged chimney on your roof. We know that winter could be harsh so inspection is needed as soon as possible. Doing this will find issues with broken vents and missing shingles.

Look for Gutter Damage 

For the entire time, the roof suffered from heavy snow. This situations leads to gutter damage that has an effect on the roof’s structural integrity. The debris and leftover fall leaves can additionally lead to clogged gutters. So before the spring, look into the water float from via the gutter. Once you also see nails showing up, repair it.

Cut the Tree Limbs 

Another important thing to do is cut the bushes. If the limbs touch the roof, the shingles are scraped off which leads to granule loosening. The lifespan of your roof will then be decreased. You can also do specific techniques of pruning that’s best done during the spring.

Those are some of the things that you can do to clean the roof during spring. Do not underestimate the power of roof cleaning because it will make the difference. You have an option to hire a roofer company or do the cleaning yourself.

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 Home Repair Mistakes

Planning your own home is exciting. But owning one is an adventure. It is very fulfilling to be hands on with the preparation of your own home. Designing the kitchen, bedroom, garage and garden is a joyful thing to do. But the excitement later develops into panic when the situation begins to manifest wear indications.

A great way to save money and acquire new skills is to practice the “do- it- yourself” home repair and maintenance. However, often times, some homeowners turn out to be just increasing the damage by mistakenly doing the restoration. One of the examples is when doing roof maintenance or repair, it would be best if you let the professionals from Roofers Columbia sc to handle it for you as DIY could be risky on your part.

Home Repair Mistakes # 1:  Drain Cleaning

Each of us wanted to get rid of the clog in out bathtub, right? The first thing we do is to get a bottle of drain cleaner and pour it all out. But this only turns out to be not a good idea. Since most of these liquid cleaners are vastly toxic, it could be dangerous to our health, especially the eyes, the skin and the respiratory system. Cleaner’s acid content can greatly damage your pipes, and even result to detriment within the surface of application. Using of plunger is one of the best remedies for minor clogs, while barbed clog remover is good for plumbing traps. When all of this happens to be a failure, call immediately a home repair staff. For this case, you’ll need a plumber. They are the ones with the skill who will help you the most with your problem.

Home Repair Mistakes #2: Pressure Washing

Pressure washers are commonly used in homes for removing excessive and unwanted dirt. This tool sprays water in a pressure that it is great to use for removing mud on the garage area, excessive paint on your wall, mildew on the canal and other stains on your door and windows. Setting beside the thought that these devices produces strong current of water, you could only just be surprised that the surface you want to clean becomes more vulnerable to tearing. Two of the over- pressured was railings and decks. Repair and maintenance of these should only be done with moderate pressure setting or just a scrub and a cleaner. Cleaning under pressure could cause scratches and chipping of your deck. Paint on your steel doors and gates will also be peeled away, and walkways to be smeared. Always think of the precautionary measures in order to do the right thing than be sorry for the damage this may cause later.

Home Maintenance Mistakes #3: Over-Insulation

For your home’s cooling and heating systems, insulation is essential to its effectiveness. According to study, some of homes were under- insulated but a different problem may arise when you have done the other way, over- insulate your place or possibly, insulating the wrong ones. Many have done these things unknowingly. Others opt on adding more rolled insulation with the notion that this may help under- insulating their attics. But the problem is that when these insulators been misplaced, trapping moisture, causing molds and rotten wood. Insure correct ventilation on your home by only following the suggested value.

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