Unexpected things do happen, and being in these situations is inevitable. All of a sudden, you will find yourself entangled with an accident, with an injured person, or in a crime – and what makes this worse is when these happen in your residential property or business, and you do not know what to do. The police, the coroner, and EMT now show up, remove the person injured, and now all you are left with are blood, fluids, and/or sometimes some flesh and body parts – depending on the situation. Of course, cleaning the mess after all these people gather their evidence requires more than just you, some water, and some cleaning solutions. You will be needing professional help that specializes in this kind of operation like the BioHazMat Cleaners.

But before the cleaning process, what are the things you need or need not do immediately after the crime? In this article, we will share with you five important things that will save you from holding liable for some errors.

1. Do not touch anything, or let anyone touch anything

Fluids that come from the human body such as urine, blood, and other bodily fluids can carry some pathogens and diseases, as well as bacteria and viruses like HIV, Hepatitis, and others. If you come into contact with these bacteria, viruses, and pathogens, you will be infected especially when you have wounded parts. Do not clean it yourself even if it is your property.

2. Call a Crime Scene Cleanup Company not a regular cleaning company

A regular maid or a nor a regular company is just for deep cleaning of dust, stains, air pathogens, molds, etc., but when a crime has happened, you need a cleaning company that specializes on these kinds of occurrences. This is because these professional companies have more than cleaning equipment; they have the proper gear, tools, and follow a specific protocol for these kinds of situation.

3. Prepare the information that your prospective cleaning company would require

Crime cleaning companies are fast to respond. However, have some time to gather the basic information like where the incident took place, rough measurements what happened, who was involved, contents affected (furniture, carpet, hardwood, etc.). This will expedite the whole process ad will make the company more prepared and more efficient with their service.

4. Call victim services if the incident is related to crime and you don’t have insurance

If the situation is a crime and you do not own homeowner insurance or the insurance company denied your claim. Do not worry, as the federal government has provided every state the Crime Victim Funds to help the families that could experience traumatic experiences. The fund will pay and cover most, if not all, expenses needed in cleaning and restoring the house after the crime.

Although we hope that we do not encounter this in the future, it is still practical to be prepared and knowledge of what you can do when unexpected things do happen.