It is very important that you should be relaxed when having a limousine ride to your wedding. This is a luxurious way for you and your bridal party and you must go prepared. Ensure that you will have a hassle-free and stress-free experience on your wedding day and don’t forget these things that you should pack after you have looked for limo service near me.

Makeup bag

For a bride, maintaining the looks is very important this is why it is important to have a handy kit of makeup for retouching together with a mirror, extra hair pins, eye drops, hand lotion and chopstick.

Extra clothes including flat shoes

Every bride looks stunning in their gown but it is not usually a functional outfit so you should pack a set of your clothes, you might not know where your wedding party will take you that is why you will need to be prepared and have extra comfortable clothing. It is never a bad idea to have flat shoes with you, this could help you relax. Walking on gravel or maybe a soft grass could be as hassle if you are wearing a high heel.


A headache could ruin your moment and this is common in occasion like wedding because even if you are already tired, you still must go on and, in this case, you will need a medicine. Other minor uncomfortable feelings could come up also and you should need to be prepared. Even if you don’t, it might be somebody on your guest might need it.


If you are going to have a phone-free day, camera will be needed to capture those beautiful moments on your special day. Capture all the fun time you have your luxurious limousine ride on the way to the event of the wedding. Those actions behind the scene must also be recorded too.


This event could be an emotional for your loved ones and especially you. Having a box of tissue at your side will be a great idea for it is not only meant for tears of joy falling but also keeping your makeup in check and it is also great for passing around so maybe you might two boxes.


Anticipation and nervousness could make your mouth dry so you will need it for hydration. So, you need to pack some bottles of water, some limo rental service offers a free drink for you to have a refreshing ice-cold drink inside the limo so you might like to inquire about this beforehand.


Top off your wedding ceremony with a toast, not a toast at the reception but an intimate small toast in your limousine with your spouse. It could also be a toast that will create a moment to be remembered with your closest friends or loved ones. So, packing a bottle of champagne is a great thing to do and don’t forget to bring enough glasses.